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Digital Lean Manufacturing Optimizer

Decisyon’s Digital Lean Manufacturing Optimizer (DLMO) application significantly improves management of production barriers, ideas and shop floor meeting cycles, accelerating the overall process from issue identification to smart execution.

DLMO simplifies and automates KPI-driven recommendations, follow up and subsequent actions issued from all production stakeholders. It eliminates time spent manually filling out and updating meeting boards by digitalizing the entire process from operational data consolidation, communication and review of actions to ideas generated through the complete production loop. Productivity tasks are simplified, knowledge is centrally captured and the factory’s OEE is improved.

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Accelerate Decision Making in Lean Manufacturing Meetings and Speed Action Items Execution

Decisyon’s global industrial conglomerate manufacturing customer required a software solution to reduce time spent filling and updating Short Interval Meetings (SIM) boards and digitalizing its workflow, escalation, and communication. The client required their new solution to accelerate decision making in lean manufacturing meetings and action items execution, and significantly improve their OEE.

Decisyon’s fully mobile, actionable, end-to-end DLMO application allowed employees to quickly analyze ideas and actions, delivered an 8% improvement on OEE within 3 months, and is deployed in 200 plants globally.


DLMO Shift Meeting


  • Visual tool to map each productive area, defining targets for each department level
  • Barriers, actions and ideas can be easily created and supported with dedicated posts and replies, by means of internal collaborative tools
  • Management of KPI-driven barriers from action generation to execution
  • Shop Floor Meeting Boards display the consolidated performance data per plant/ region in a specific time range
  • Highly scalable, multisite context encompassing thousands of users
  • Integration with legacy data sources using Decisyon App Composer’s™ integration layer to orchestrate KPIs from different data sources
  • Leveraging and deploying local best practices at a global level
  • Gemba Walk captures issues on the shop floor and generates quick actions.

Idea Exchange and Execution

DLMO Idea Exchange and Execution

Shop Floor Meeting KPI and Action Review

DLMO Shop Floor

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